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Woman and Children at Concern, WCC-International society is a global humanitarian, human rights organization whose mission is to empower the local communities to serve the most vulnerable

Afghanistan is experiencing a humanitarian and displacement crisis. Over half a million Afghans have been newly displaced inside the country in 2021, and Afghan women and girls make up the majority of those displaced, crisis as violence and insecurity have brought more suffering and internal displacement for thousands of Afghans.

Think about the generation of these Afghan Children! You might make a big impact in their lives, they do not have a choice when finding themselves in this precarious and devastating situation. Donate through WCC International to save them from getting out of this malicious Condition.

How can I help Afghanistan?

The crisis in Afghanistan is putting the lives of thousands of people at risk, including those who supported the United States. Learn what you can do to help Afghans. The humanitarian situation in Afghanistan continues to deteriorate rapidly as the country becomes more unstable. Already, around 550,000 people—80% of them women and children—have been displaced by conflict this year. Many Afghans say they fear for their lives.

Help us deliver and provide emergency aid to Afghanistan and affected zones worldwide.

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