About Our Organization

Story About Us
Where it all began

How are We?

Established in 2009, Women and Children at Concern, WCC International society is a global humanitarian, human rights organization whose mission is to empower the local communities to serve the most vulnerable. We aim to tackle the world’s greatest problems of inequalities with holistic, locally-driven solutions that lead to lasting change, whether in response to disasters, extreme poverty, violence, oppression or mass displacement, and immigration. WCC International society works in different countries internationally, specifically, focuses on helping local communities, refugees and other immigrants in vulnerable situations rebuild their lives in their countries of origin or new countries.

Tackling Poverty

The wcc projects addresses issues of extreme poverty and vulnerability within the refugee community, the aim and our primary purpose at WCC is to engage, encourage and safeguard the rights and well-being of people against discriminations.

Make Big Impact

We offer programmes which develop and empower women and children from challenged and vulnerable communities, providing emotional and mental health support for people who have been victims of GBV(Gender Based Violence).

Unite The Society

WCC International works to sustain and strengthen local vulnerable communities, we provide safe space and a supportive relationships to people and contributes towards community health through a range of activities.

Our Value


WCC International is to uplift, empowers, support local vulnerable communities including refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants.


Recognizes that people under its mandate – including asylum-seekers, refugees and stateless persons – are directly affected by migration policies and processes.

Our Focused

Taking on the role of community development consultants and serve as the voice for various disadvantaged communities in order to set up educational projects and socially conscious events solutions.


Our areas of focus

Identifying factors that cause vulnerability to the local populations, violation of human rights, children's rights, human trafficking, education, healthcare, environmental disasters, Causes of Conflicts and resolutions, finding shelter.

Seeking to ensure that migration-management policies, practices and debates take into account the particular protection needs of asylum-seekers, refugees and stateless people.

Assisting States and partners to meet asylum and migration-management challenges in a manner that is sensitive to protection concerns

Identifying migration, trafficking and related developments impacting on persons under WCC’s mandate, and

Supporting stronger governance and closer observance of the universal character of human rights, including the rights of all persons on the move, regardless of their legal status, in ways that reinforce the principles and practice of international refugee protection.

History About Us

WCC International is a Non-Profit organization driven project and was conceptualised in 2009 by our current Founding director Mrs Aline Bukuru, the organization has always been considered as voluntary organizations that are officiated by private contributions. And also regarded as silent contributors to the welfare of the public as well as the personal interests of individuals in society.

Our aims is to assist disadvantaged by creating exposure to basic human rights, including uplifting the local vulnerable communities including refugees and Asylum seekers and internally displaced population, a humanitarian that serves people with respect, dignity and without discriminating against gender, race, the color of skin, ethnicity, religion, nationality or belief, or political affiliation.

Want to get involved?

Welcome to wcc international! Our members are the backbone of our community and together we are committed to advancing the mission.


The number of disadvantaged women and children that we can reach is directly proportionate to the amount of funding that we are raising.


With the help of the your support, we can be able to continue and grow our vision of providing a brighter future and greater opportunities.


Without the assistance and support of businesses which are involved in social responsibility projects, we won’t be able to do what we do.